Common Mistakes of Fresh Job Seeker in Malaysia

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Are you not making much progress in your job search journey? Do you feel like you are stuck? Are your job applications going nowhere? Do you think there are some mistakes you are making when applying for jobs but aren’t sure what they are or how to fix them?

Don’t worry! Just like every other roadblock in life, finding and applying for a job is a process and it requires learning, growing, and enhancing all the time.

Many job seekers make mistakes while searching for jobs in Malaysia and they never know that. Below are some guidelines to avoid them.

Guidelines to Avoid Job Search Mistakes

#1 Poorly Written Resume

The main item in your job search task is your resume. Most of the job seekers just pick a resume from friends and replace name and address. That is a big NO!!! 
Your resume must reflect your career goal and your skill set, not your friends. 

You can’t just write in your resume the knowledge/skills that you don’t know. Mostly, interviewers don’t expect any specific in-depth skills in a fresh grads. So, they focus on skills that you are familiar with (which are written on your resume). 

If you don’t have sufficient skills to list on your resume, please stop your job search and update your skills first.  

You don’t need to have a lengthy resume; honest and confident resume is the best one to fetch you a job.

#2 Lack of Clear Knowledge on Projects 

Most of the fresh graduates fail to explain even their project summary. It could be due to lack of involvement in a project or because of it wasn’t your project at all. The first thing that any interviewer will ask you in depth is about your project. It is because that’s where you had applied your skills to make your very first product.

If you don’t know about your project, first focus to gain complete knowledge on it. Ask your team members to explain it. If you could explain your project well, you have better chances to win an interview.

#3 Lack of Basic Technical Skills 

Just think, why would someone hire you? It’s because you have certain skills to get their work done!!
Companies don’t expect fresher to know in-depth knowledge about a certain field. They just want you to be equipped with basic skills in your discipline. So that they can train you with lesser efforts on a specific skills.

For example, if you are a IT graduate, you must have a clear understanding of Operating Systems, Computer networks, Software engineering, Programming skills and concepts, Database Management systems etc.,. With these foundation skills, employers can train you easily on a specific technology.

#4 Lack of Hands-on Skills

Most of the students / fresh graduates have good percentage of marks but very poor practical skills. Your marks should reflect your capabilities. For example, if you are a IT graduate, you should be able to write an algorithm and implement it for a given problem. You should be able to fine-tune performance of a system etc.,

Having proficiency in all technologies is not possible. So, at least stick to your core subjects and gain practical knowledge on it.

Spend lot of time in reading concepts, watching technical hands-on videos and practice them. You will possess a great confidence that will gain you a job.

#5 Lack of Communication Skills

Communication skills impact the work efficiency, collaboration, and motivation of employees. A person with good communication skills can collaborative well in work environment which promotes employee productivity and innovation. 

If communication skills are poor, confidence in communicating ideas and issues within the team will come down which will result in poor career development.

This is why employers give more importance to communication skills. If you don’t have proper communication skills or lack of confidence in communication, you have very fewer chances of clearing an interview.

#6 Lack of Good Professional Network

If you are connected well with people who are already working on your target industry, you are open to more opportunities. They can bring you references, guidance, knowledge and much more.
So, focus to grow healthy network such as LinkedIn and build your professional network.

#7 Poor Job Search Efforts

You should not do a part-time job search!! Most of the job seekers spend more time on social media and other entertainment activities. You must plan your time for skill development and job searching. 
Try various ways to find a job, ask for referral, register on many job portals, inquire about walk-ins, visit companies and drop your resume. The more time you devote to job search, the more chances you will get a job!!

#8 Unclear Goals

Don’t be in confusion whether to prepare for government jobs or to go for higher studies or to get into your family business etc., Confusion usually keeps you busy with no results!!

Discuss with your elders and friends and take a decision and set a clear goal for your career and work towards it. Proper planning and dedication will fetch you success!!

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