How to Find Qualified Candidates

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As a hiring manager of your organisation, you got to hire the most qualified talent for the job.”

You’ve receive the necessary approval to hire a new staff members, and now you need to follow a strategy to find them. Your first step will be to write a clear and compelling job description. Next, get it published in front of a qualified candidates with a workable recruiting strategy.

But how do you get your job description in front of the most qualified candidates? And once it’s there, how do you sort through the list of qualified candidates resumes, C.Vs and cover letters?

Recruiting takes time and money, and instead of just updating that list of requirements, consider developing a strategic job posting process from these tactics.

1. Determine the most appropriate salary for the role

It doesn’t matter how great the job description is, if the salary isn’t competitive, qualified candidates will look elsewhere. As a hiring manager, you are responsible for determining the appropriate compensation amount for every role.

To make this task easier, there are a variety of online salary comparison tools available for employer and candidate use. These tools allow users to compare salaries based on company, job titles and locations. These solutions provide information such as employee or employer-reported data, salary trends over time, salary comparison filters, or staffing needs and costs calculators.

2. Create a compelling job description

Create a compelling job description based on the unique needs and qualifications you most desire in a new candidate. Make sure to use inclusive language and highlight both hard and soft skills required for success in the role. 

3. Post the job description on the appropriate job boards

You need to decide where to post the job description on online job vacancy search sites in Malaysia. You can choose from a seemingly endless selection of Malaysian job boards that host either niche job or general job openings.

4. Streamline the resume parsing process

Recruiters and hiring managers will need to sort through a number of qualified applicants. There are a variety of solutions to help sort resumes for qualified applicants that personnel can then consider more closely.

Candidate shortlisting dashboard like Jobseeker site provide those initial streamlining capabilities that make resume shortlisting a manageable task.

5. Conduct interviews over the phone, online or face to face

Interviewing can be conducted over the phone, in person or via online tools like Skype which allows hiring managers meet candidates no matter where they are located. Not only does this increase the likelihood of successfully scheduling an interview within complicated, busy schedules but it also can help increase the candidate pool by providing easy-to-use solutions for long-distance hiring.

Jobseeker in Malaysia is also known as job search sites, provide employers and job seekers with a platform to post and search for open job vacancies. Job boards can provide general job listings for all industries or they might focus on niche markets such as technical, creative or health care, to name a few. If you’re not sure where to start, visit and sign-up a account for free job listing today.

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